How Michael’s Virus Cure Works

How Michael’s Virus Cure Works

How Michael’s Quick Cure Works on all Viruses  

 Disclosed below are facts outside the book that Medical Experts don’t know :-
The Weaknesses of Viruses

 a)      Life span of all viruses is short lived – less than 4 hours.
b)      For any virus strain to proliferate there must be Virus Replication.
c)      Replication means each virus cell divides to make 2 viruses, again & again.
d)      When the virus count is high, the body’s last defence starts a fever. Why?
e)      Replication stops at fever temp, virus is not killed, but short lived – 4 hrs
f)       If fever temp is held# for 4 hrs, all short lived viruses are Dead Viruses.
g)      Dead Viruses stimulate production of anti-bodies to immunise patient. 

 # Fever temp is held if limbs & body* are in a sleep bag, (duvet tog 12) – in hot climate.

In cold climates a precision temp controlled electric blanket sandwich is effective – HIAF.
HIAF = Heat Induced Artificial Fever – essential for malignant Cancer & HIV cells.

* NB Do not cocoon brain, or hypothalamus may reduce fever & restart Virus Replication.

 Treatment is enhanced if patient is fed hot soups & food that raise Body Core Temp.


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