Ebola Murderers

Ebola Murderers

Yes, Ebola Murderers!  Not heros, It’s a Scandal!
When Michael’s free 1 hr hold fever cure is available and used by more than 5,000 
ebola survivors.  

Well meaning nurses, from UK’s Army/NHS & Save the Children go
(without a cure) 
to isolate ebola patients? 

Mistreatment/Murder Evidence  is seen on TV news, where masked, gloved, booted & white suited nurses are seen arresting & leading away weak,  wretched thin clad, shivering ebola patients, to keep in isolation till death & burial.

ISOLATION till death & burial, is not treatment, that’s MURDER!    

Many more ebola patients die from mistreatment by well meaning nurses stopping them covering up with blankets etc. to hold the fever that stops virus replication. Virus die if fever is held for 4 hrs their short life span. Dead virus stimulate production of anti-bodies. Patient is immunised, cured & survives.

Well-meaning President Obama, PM Cameron, UN, WHO, World Bank pay £Millions to nurses to unknowingly mitreat/murder ebola patients.
TV/Media call ebola murderers heroes. Never mention the word cure.  Worse, Inventors with a proven Ebola Cure are rudely ignored.
The Mirror News Desk said “A cure without drugs! Not interested bye!”


Need for an Investigation?

Are the organisers of the Misguided Ebola Murderers guilty of
Corporate Culpable Homocide & Misconduct in Public Office?
Are they responsible for financial compensation to the dependants
& relatives of murdered Ebola patients; when a 4hour cure was avaiable.

Time will tell.